Supporting and developing vibrant, relevant and impactful organizations.


Organizational Development

  • Organizational Transformation: Addressing Resistance to Change Within Your Organization
  • Strategic Planning: The Integration of Implementation & Mapping the Future
  • Seeing Your Organization In the Past, Present & Future -

Effectively Creating a Mission & Vision

  • Developing A Transformational Board of Directors
  • Identifying Your Organization's 'Organizational Currency' Within a Competitive Environment

Staffing & Human Resources Issues

  • Developing An Empowering Staff Evaluation Process
  • Innovative Team Building: Identifying & Creating Cohesive Organizational Cultures
  • You Said What? Communication Styles and Learning Preferences
  • Leadership Development for Innovative Organizations
  • Creating a Culture of Personal Mastery: Mechanisms for Accountability & Responsibility
  • Authenticity: Creating Cultures of Honesty, Affirmation & Spirit

Collaboration & Partnership

  • Building Effective Community Partnerships
  • Creating Systems Change Via Collaboration
  • Cross-Sectoral Collaborations: Creating Community Change Through Partnerships Between Businesses, Non-Profits & Government Agencies
  • Exploring Organizational Culture As A Means for Team Building & Coalition Creation

Multiculturalism & Diversity

  • Defining Diversity Within Your Organization
  • Beyond the Tyranny of Political Correctness
  • Conflict Mediation & Resolution of Diversity Issues
  • Building Cultural Capacity: Exploring Dimensions of Social Identity and Social Location